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With its strong R&D team and facilities, Rui He independently does quite a lot of research and development works in the boride compound field, and owns quite a few advanced technical reserves with property rights.

Rui He also proactively works with the well-known domestic research institutes and universities to promote the development of the boron-based fine chemical technologies and their applications in China. So far, Rui He has built up good research cooperation relationship with Dalian Guangming Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry, Zhongshan University and Shichuan University.

To support the R&D works of the domestic research institutes, universities and manufacturers, Rui He can supply and serve special packs for all its products to those, who need only very small quantities for R&D works, or for trial production, with the exactly same high service quality and enthusiasm.

Special Packs for Researches:

·4L standard pressure steel cylinder: for Boron Trichloride Gas

·500ml glass bottle: for Boron Trichloride in Solution, Boron Trichloride Complex ( in liquid form)

·9L stainless steel cylinder: for Boron Trichloride Gas, Boron Trichloride in Solution

·Seal plastic bags: for High-purity Boron Powder, Boron Trichloride Complex ( in powder form)