Boron Trichloride Gas

Rui He focuses on the production and sales of the industrial grade Boron Trichloride with the purity ≤99.99%.There are 2 SKU's to supply.

2.Packing: 10L, 47L, 49L, 400L, 926L
3.Product Features:
Stable purity: Rui He production processes for Boron Trichloride are mature and stable, due to its years of practice and experience. And we perform rigorous quality inspections for each batch of our products in our Jiangxi factory to ensure the stable purity of the products.
Persistent and stable supply: The company has the license for hazardous chemical production and sales, with a professional and experienced team for safety and operation management. A persistent and stable product supply for long-term users can be well guaranteed.
Quick and effective supply services: The optimal combination of the local production capacity and the strong logistics management competence leads to quick, safe and effective local supply services.