Boron Trichloride in Solution

Rui He can supply its Boron Trichloride in different solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

  • ·Boron Trichloride in Dichloromethane
    ·Boron Trichloride in N-heptane
    ·Boron Trichloride in N-hexane
    ·Boron Trichloride in Xylene
  • ·Boron Trichloride in Dimethyltetrahydrofuran

2.Packing: The following pack options can be for all the products of Boron Trichloride in solutions.
·500ml glass bottle
·20L stainless steel cylinder
·60L stainless steel cylinder

·100L stainless steel cylinder
·200L stainless steel cylinder
·Other cylinders on request

3.Product Features:
·Controlled quality raw materials: To produce Boron Trichloride in solutions, we use our own self-produced 99.9% gas (unless the customer request to use other grade of the gas), and purchase the solutions with AR grade for any small order under 100kg, or CP grade for the order above 100kg agreed by the customers.

·Mature production process to ensure the stable quality: Rui He started to produce Boron Trichloride in solutions since August, 2006, and so far has owned full experience in produing and serving such products. The products are being used and recognized by quite a few domestic users.

·Quick and effective supply services: The optimal combination of the local production capacity and the strong logistics management competence leads to quick, safe and effective local supply services.